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Jocquice "Jae" Spikes


Career & Business Coach

brilliant women who feel stuck, burned out, and devalued in their careers to discover their true purpose, and unlock real opportunities! 

My Purpose is to empower you to tap into your potential and create the career, business that you deserve!

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Humbitious Woman Book

The Humbitious Woman®️: How to Self Promote In the Workplace Without Feeling Like You're Bragging


My name is Jocquice "Jae" Spikes. I’m the founder and CEO of WiseHAT®️ Consulting, LLC.  I believe that in order to achieve success in your career, you need wisdom. As women, we wear so many hats but none of them will be successful if you don't become a WiseHAT®️ by applying wisdom to your Habits, Associations, and Thoughts. It sounds simple right? But sometimes, we get overwhelmed with where to start and how to make things practical.  That is why I’m here. I've learned a thing or two in my 24+ year career in corporate America. As your coach, I will teach you how to change your HAT to change your career.

Ladies, it's time to change your HAT™️!!!

How I Empower You to Change Your HAT

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Learn how to change your HAT to take back control of your career and business to generate real opportunities!
Serving as a keynote, workshop or panel speaker, I deliver disruptive, thought provoking yet tangible actions that your group can take away and create immediate results.
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One-on-One Strategy Session

Need to brainstorm or gain clarity for a particular aspect of your career or business? My one-on-one strategy session will provide you with clear actionable steps for your path to success!

I reached out to Jae for assistance once I heard her speak at an event. I inquired about her assisting me with wanting movement within my company. Jae reviewed my resume and basically marked it up with a red pen! She gave me great examples and advice on how to structure my resume & word selection to get my resume selected for an interview. She even helped me prepare for an interview by giving me a mock interview. Two years later not only did I get selected for one promotion but I have recently been promoted yet again with the guidance of Jae! She definitely knows how to help you get your resume noticed and prepare you to GET the job! Thank You Jae I am forever grateful.
-Carliss B

Humbitious Woman®️ Podcast

An online career and business podcast. What is a Humbitious Woman? A woman who is both humble and ambitious – who doesn’t think less of herself but thinks of herself less.  The Humbitious Woman podcast provides career and business strategies, tips, truth and transparency to enable women to get unstuck and create real opportunities.

Humbitious Woman Podcast


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