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When I started my corporate career 26 years ago, I was undisciplined, wildly un-coachable, and as a young woman of color, very insecure. I had no plan, no guidance, and no one willing to tell me the truth about my shortcomings. I nearly got fired for my chronic ability of showing up to work late.


This “almost firing” made me stop and realize that I had to do something. I knew that I was capable of more but I found myself frustrated, burned out, and I lacked the support I needed to accomplish my career goals. I had to figure out how to regain control of my career, overcome barriers, and establish true work/life harmony.


One late night, after praying for clarity and direction, I realized that ALL of my issues began with me.  I needed to change my HAT – my Habits, Associations, and Thoughts.


Once I changed my HAT, I was able to completely change my career around and start to see real opportunities and results. Changing my HAT allowed me to get two promotions and align with phenomenal mentors and leaders in the business. Over the years, I began helping others to success in their careers. When you realize that everything you’ve ever gone through has been for your good and purpose in life, it changes your perspective! I founded WiseHAT Consulting because I did not want to see another woman suffer in their career the way that I did.

WiseHAT Consulting helps women break free from the barriers they experience in their career by empowering them change their HAT to accomplish their career goals. We demolish their old career foundation and help them build a new one that is solid and will withstand the proverbial winds because it’s founded upon a new, more solid foundation.

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